What Do You Ask A Reception Site Coordinator Before You Hire Them?

wedding coordinator

wedding coordinator

Most people know about the wedding coordinator and have a pretty good idea of what to ask them when they are hired. But, what about a reception site coordinator? If the wedding coordinator has one that they use for the wedding itself, it is always a good idea to make sure that you are comfortable with them as well before you hire the wedding coordinator.

Or, you might be hiring one separately, and you need to know what all they will do for you. So, to help you figure out if this reception site coordinator is the right one for you, we have a small list of questions that you need to ask before you hire them:

1.How do they choose the reception site? Are you involved in this decision?

2.What is their normal fee – do they charge by the hour, and if so, are there any overtime hours that can be billed to you?

3.What do they include in their services? (Ask for a written list of these services.)

4.Are there any specific days of the week or times of the year when their services are discounted to clients? (Such as winter, or months that aren’t popular for weddings.)

5.Does the reception site coordinator ensure that the site provides the tables and chairs for the event or do you have to rent them separately?

6.Does the reception site coordinator provide linens, such as tablecloths, or do you need to provide them as well?

7.Is there a fee that you must pay to the reception site coordinator for any items that they provide or are they included in the payment?

8.Does the reception site coordinator make arrangements for the food and drinks or do you do that separately?

9.Will the reception site coordinator make arrangements for music or entertainment for the reception or is that up to you as well?

10.What type of credentials does the reception site coordinator have? Where did they get their training from?

11.Ask to see pictures and video from weddings that they have coordinated the reception for. (Make sure that you are shown the whole video and all of the pictures, not just the best ones.)

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Make sure that you ask all the questions on your mind when interviewing the reception site coordinator. Asking everything you want to know will ensure that you know how your reception will go and that the coordinator that you are considering can do the job to your specifications and ensure that your reception will be a great success.

If you are not completely comfortable with them or their abilities, gracefully tell them that you are interviewing several different coordinators and that you will call them once you make your decision.

There is no point in hiring someone who either cannot do the job or cannot do it to your specifications. So, be sure that you and your spouse are completely comfortable with their abilities and pricing before you sign any type of agreement or contract with them.

Make sure that they know what they are doing so your wedding reception doesn’t turn out to be a disaster. A great reception site coordinator will be able to provide the best reception that you can imagine for the price and you should not have to worry about anything during the reception or the wedding.