Stylish, Cute, Comfortable Ring Bearer Outfits

ring bearer

Don’t you just love the way a ring bearer looks as he walks down the aisle, in his little formal suit which reminds you more of a miniaturized groom more than anything else? Boys will be boys, and chances are the little man can’t help but fidget and pick at his clothing during the entire ceremony.

While this may be a darling picture for you, it may not be so for the ring bearer. You see, your choice of clothing may be a chore to wear if the suit’s fabric, style and fit are not comfortable. So the next time you think about dressing up your ring bearer in a darling suit, consider these tips so he’ll have as pleasant an experience as yours (well, almost).

There are two basic factors to consider when choosing a suit for your ring bearer: comfort and style. Consider the length of the ceremony, and keep in mind that children have short attention spans, especially if they are not comfortable with the way they dress.

The boy may spend the entire ceremony wearing an excruciatingly stiff collar that you’ll have to make up for his sacrifice once the wedding’s over. If the wedding will be held in tropical climates or in warmer seasons, choose styles which provide the best comfort, such as a short outfit.

It is quite customary to dress the ring bearer in the same manner as the groom, so if the latter will wear a traditional tailcoat or a regular tuxedo, the ring bearer’s outfit should also be the same in style. You may want to make the boy’s suit distinctive by using different accessories, to avoid duplicating the groom’s outfit.

You can also make a tuxedo-inspired ensemble which pairs black satin shorts with a regular tuxedo jacket; finish the look with white knee-length socks and black or white shoes. If you opt for a tuxedo, do remember that this combination will cost the most, as renting a pair for the boy will cost equally as much for an adult.

A more affordable alternative is the Eton suit, a set consisting of a three-buttoned coat with short pants. The suit usually comes in black or white, but shades like green, yellow, and velvet (perfect for winter weddings) are also available. Pair the suit with a white, short-sleeved undershirt and a bow tie for a charming look.

For less formal ceremonies, the ring bearer can don a regular coat or blazer. However you choose to dress your ring bearer, make sure that it complements well with the theme; for formal weddings, nothing less than a suit is acceptable, but for beach or western weddings, Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts, or a denim getup will be more appropriate.

Don’t forget the accessories to complete the look. Satin gloves are perfect for formal weddings. Some want to put in the cute factor to the ensemble, and go for an accenting ‘cabbie’ cap.

There is also a variety of collars to choose from, including Battenburg lace collars, and round and square collars with piping. Make sure that the boy fits comfortably into the suit by letting him wear it a few times before the rehearsal, so you can make all the necessary adjustments in time for the actual event.

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